You are filled with empty promises that you’ll play nice and only come to visit once in a while. Instead, you camped out in my home, my car, my office, and even went so far as to hide in my suitcase on our family trip to Disneyland. You know they don’t serve alcohol in the park. Worst of all, you have a serious jealousy streak in you, bordering on psychotic. How could you come between my family and me?

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You made me do things I never thought I would be capable of doing. I remember when you first came into my life. I thought you would ease the pain of my youth and make my present pain go away. You brought more pain and suffering and became the neediest relationship I’ve ever had.

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As is always the case with toxic relationships, I appeared to be fine on the outside, but inside you were slowly eating away at my soul. You broke me down throughout my adult life, leaving me physically and emotionally corrupted. My body had been poisoned, and my mind had become shrouded in darkness. I’d happily drink the night away, and you’d leave me to rot. The lights went out, another blackout.

  • “Being on the road with our fans is our greatest joy, so it was a hard but important decision to make,” the band wrote in a message to fans.
  • The problem is, when you have a drinking problem, your fun family activity can be derailed when you overdo it.
  • Are you doing Dry January this year?
  • I appreciate all the confidence you gave me, especially during those college years.
  • If drinking continues, this can progress to dependence and addiction.
  • Because of this mastery, I’m now able to help others break loose from your chains too.

Yep, you ignited that on way too many occasions. My wife and goodbye letter to alcohol tell me about how intense I got, and the horrible things I said. It’s a disgusting feeling knowing I did those things and not being able to remember.


You’re a loyal dude, so you had no problem with that. I have no idea how I’m ever gonna eat crawfish again. The beach may have lost its luster too. I went without you this year, and it sucked, especially since you were cheating on me with everyone else.